The transition, my new role, and the mailing list archive

Q: This blog launched in late March of 2009, and yet there are more than 40 posts dated in 2007 and 2008. Why?

A: While working for President Bush, I had a mailing list titled White House Economics, which I used to explain the President’s economic policies. This blog and the associated mailing list are successors to White House Economics.

I have taken about 40 of the notes I sent to the White House Economics list and turned them into archival blog posts. I cleaned up a few grammar and presentation mistakes, and changed the formats of the graphs to be consistent with this blog’s format. If you care to browse through these archival posts, you’ll see that I use “we” a lot. I wrote these notes (now displayed as blog posts) in my role as a White House advisor to President George W. Bush. I wrote these notes to help explain his policies, and use “we” to refer to the Bush Administration. These notes are therefore describing official Administration policy.

There is thus a difference between posts on this site that are dated before January 20th, 2009, and posts dated after that transition date. Those dated during the Bush Administration are my writing as an Administration official. Those dated after January 20th, 2009 are my writing as a private citizen. They do not represent the views of President Bush or his Administration.