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Impeach President Trump, again

By |Tuesday, 12 January 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

I agree with the House impeachment resolution in full. The House should vote to impeach President Trump, again. Four years ago minus eight days, Donald J. Trump swore an oath, “…and will, to the best [...]

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On the impeachment of President Donald Trump

By |Friday, 31 January 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

My layman’s approach to the impeachment of President Trump is somewhat simplistic. We American citizens have the right to choose our leaders by voting in elections. Exercising that right requires that our elections be fair, [...]

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Once again, in support of Brett Kavanaugh

By |Friday, 28 September 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

My view on Brett Kavanaugh remains unchanged by recent events. Today I reaffirm my July 9th support for, and endorsement of, Brett Kavanaugh, which I share here once again before the Senate begins to vote. "I [...]

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In support of Brett Kavanaugh

By |Monday, 9 July 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

I worked with Brett Kavanaugh on a near-daily basis for three years, from mid-2003 to mid-2006. Part of my job was to write memos and prepare briefing presentations for President Bush. Brett was the coordinator [...]

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