The Ohio chapter of PolitiFact did an analysis of this recent statement by Ohio Senator Rob Portman:

Thirty-four of the last 44 (debt ceiling increases) have been for less than a year. So, this notion that short-term is somehow the exception, it’s actually the rule.

This quote is related to a recent blog post I wrote: Are short-term debt limit increases unusual?

Stephen Koff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer contacted me for the fact check article.  He found and I subsequently corrected a timeframe error in my original post that did not affect the broader point or Senator Portman’s quote. I walked him through the backup data, which comes from OMB’s historical tables. Mr. Koff was thorough, precise, and professional.

PolitiFact Ohio rated Senator Portman’s statement as TRUE:


You can read the PolitiFact Ohio analysis at The Plain Dealer’s site.