You’re probably here this morning either because of a link from Instapundit, or from Bill McGurn’s excellent Main Street column in today’s Wall Street Journal, or because of Yuval Levin’s kind reference on The Corner, or from Greg Mankiw over the weekend. However you may have found me, welcome!

As background, I served as a White House economic advisor to President George W. Bush for more than six years, and ran the National Economic Council for him in 2008, in a position now held by Dr. Lawrence Summers.

While I plan to write about a wide range of economic policies over time, I’ve got two big series going on right now. The first is on auto loans, and the second is on the TARP.

Auto loans series
  1. A deadline looms (background)
  2. The President’s options
  3. The Bush approach (which I coordinated for President Bush)
  4. Chyrsler gets an ultimatum, GM gets a do-over (analysis of President Obama’s Monday announcement)
  5. The press forgot to ask about the cost of the taxpayer
TARP series
  1. Is $700 billion enough?
  2. The Obama warning
  3. Secretary Geithner says we have more room

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