Welcome to my new blog. If you would like to learn more about American economic policy, I would be honored to be your guide. I will do my best to explain the options faced by senior American economic policymakers, and to analyze the choices they make.

I anticipate defining “economic policy” broadly as we did at the White House, to include not just the macroeconomy, but also financial market issues, tax policy, energy and climate change, health care, trade and international finance, Social Security and Medicare reform, housing, transportation, pensions, technology and telecommunications, and agriculture policy.

I’m kicking this off with a surge of initial posts on a range of topics, featured in the photo gallery to your right. Click on any photo to go directly to that post. Some are easy, others are a bit more challenging (TARP Math).

This is a successor to my White House Economics mailing list that I had while serving as an advisor to President George W. Bush. You can get updates either through a mailing list or an RSS feed, both of which you can find in the sidebar to the right. If you were a subscriber to White House Economics, please re-subscribe, as this is technically a new list.

I should caution you: the posts here are longer than on other blogs. Economic policymaking can be complex, and is not easily summarized in an 150-word post. I hope you will find that it’s worth your effort.

Please leave comments, and please forgive (and tell me about) any technical glitches. I’m new to blogging.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will bookmark this site, subscribe to the mailing list or feed, and tell your friends!